aussie aussie oi! oi! oi!

Hordes of Japanese photographers stand outside waiting for fashion editors who they call by name and circle, creating paparazzi scrums. It's not superstar editors (such as Anna Wintour) they're after. No, this commotion is for what I would term, with all respect, "working editors", and regularly includes Aussie expats (now UK department store Liberty buyer)Yasmin Sewell, one time Sample designer, now fashion editor of UK Harper's Bazaar Vanessa Coyle and former Aussie Bazaar fashion editor who now works for US Elle Kate Lanphear. Yes, in this post-Satorialist age these real life Carrie Bradshaws are increasingly the stars, and Japanese publications are dedicating pages to what Kate, Yasmin or Vanessa wore. The photographers don't even bother going inside. Andy Warhol would love it.

ya. take that!